Don’t Be Fooled By Vidgo’s Low Cost: Price Increases Coming Soon

Vidgo launched a new live TV streaming service earlier in the week and at a low price. However, it looks like price increases are already just around the corner.

The Vidgo low price is not just introductory, but pre-launch. In other words, the current cost is not representative of what the service will charge normally.

As early as next month, Vidgo will reportedly undergo a full launch with more than one major plan on offer. The new pricing will mean Vidgo is set to directly take on the likes of AT&T TV NOW, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV.


Vidgo’s low pricing is just the beginning

Right now, consumers can subscribe to Video for just $14.99 per month. In return, those subscribers gain access to around fifty live TV channels.

However, Vidgo is reportedly preparing for much bigger things. At some point next month, the service will launch properly and as part of that full launch, the low-cost plan will no longer be available.

Instead, Vidgo will launch two main plans, priced at $40 and $50. At these prices, Video will be going directly head-to-head with AT&T TV NOW, Hulu and YouTube TV.


Both AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV currently charge $49.99 per month, while Hulu + Live TV can be subscribed to for $44.99 per month.

It’s worth noting, those who have, or will, subscribe before the new plans launch will be able to keep their $14.99 per month plan. Although the low-cost plan will also retain the same limited access compared to the new plans. Those customers will need to upgrade if they want the full and proper Vidgo experience.

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Vidgo price rise comes with more channels

As to be expected, this is not your typical live TV streaming service price increase. Meaning, the channel lineup will be improved as well. How much improved depends on which plan a consumer opts for.


There’s the $40 plan which will push the channel count above sixty. Some of the notable additions include the ESPN and Fox suites of channels, allowing the service to keep focusing on its sports angle.

The even more expensive $50 plan will come with even more sports and local channels. In addition to some extra Discovery and Viacom channels as well.

It is also understood that the service will look to expand out its features, including adding cloud DVR. Although the improved features are unlikely to be included when the service launches next month at the higher rates.

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