30662 ‘Drag Race’: What Do Fans Really Think About Bebe Zahara Benet on ‘All Stars 3’?

‘Drag Race’: What Do Fans Really Think About Bebe Zahara Benet on ‘All Stars 3’?

When fans were trying to guess who the mystery 10th queen would be on this year’s RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, chances are that Bebe Zahara Benet never even crossed their minds.

That’s because Bebe is the OG winner of the entire franchise, bursting through the blurry filter to snatch the crown on Season 1 back in 2009.

But as RuPaul explained to the other contestants on the premiere of All Stars last month, many fans haven’t seen what’s now been dubbed the “Lost Season,” and so she felt Bebe deserved another chance to show the world what she can do. Since then, however, the African queen has failed to create any memorable moments and instead has coasted comfortably in the middle of the pack all season.

Meanwhile, rumors started swirling online that Bebe was actually a mole placed into the competition to spy on the other contestants for Mama Ru. Fans speculated that she wasn’t landing in the bottom in any challenges because she’s not actually playing the game at all.

But after a win last week and the promise of the Handmaid’s Tale twist being revealed in the next episode, it will soon be time to put the rumors to rest. That being said, many fans did not think Bebe deserved her recent win during the Art Pop Ball, arguing that she shouldn’t have been in the top and that the Diana Ross lip sync was skewed in her favor.

Whether she’s playing to win or playing the other queens, viewers don’t seem thrilled with Bebe’s performance on the show so far. In between fan theories and responses to her return, there have been a plethora of opinions online regarding Bebe’s appearance on All Stars and it’s not very positive.

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Scroll through some fan tweets below and then head to Twitter to let us know what you think the OG queen is really doing on All Stars 3.

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