153837 During Bankrutpcy, Bally Sports still wants MLB Streaming Rights

During Bankrutpcy, Bally Sports still wants MLB Streaming Rights

While Bally Sports’ owner, Diamond Sports Group declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy earlier this week, there’s been a lot of talk about what will happen to the games their networks are set to broadcast. We’ve reported recently that some MLB teams are looking to get out of their contracts with Bally Sports, including the Texas Rangers. But, Bally Sports wants to keep its streaming rights during Bankruptcy.

Currently, Bally Sports is only able to stream MLB games in five markets. However, they are hoping to get the rights to stream all 14 MLB teams that they have broadcast rights to, through bankruptcy renegotiations. This is all done through the Bally Sports Plus service, which is $19.99 per month. So it’s not cheap, especially considering its just for one team.

Sports leagues have backup plans for Bally Sports

The MLB, NBA and NHL have all said that they have backup plans for streaming games, if Bally Sports is unable to do so.


However, for now, Bally Sports is still streaming the games for most of these teams. Minus the five contracts that they are rejecting.

Diamond Sports Group is looking to renegotiate these deals for rights, with all of the teams, during the bankruptcy process. It’s being reported right now that Diamond Sports Group has about $585 million in cash on hand, however they owe around $2 billion in fees to teams this year. So that’s going to require quite a bit of negotiations.

Of course, a good way to help solve this is to get Bally Sports channels back on streaming services like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV. Currently, only FuboTV and DIRECTV Stream have Bally Sports, and DIRECTV’s contract is coming up for renewal later this year. And Bally Sports in bankruptcy likely won’t help them get favorable terms with DIRECTV satellite and streaming products.


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