145427 Dynamic Wallpaper App Juggles 3 Different Wallpapers On Your Phone

Dynamic Wallpaper App Juggles 3 Different Wallpapers On Your Phone

Rushikesh Kamewar, a well-known app developer, came up with a new app called ‘Dynamic Wallpaper’. This designer is responsible for apps like Shortcut Maker, AppBar, Pinned Shortcuts, and more.

Dynamic Wallpaper app changes wallpapers based on your phone’s power status

That being said, this new app is rather interesting. It allows you to apply one of 17 packs of wallpapers, each consisting of three wallpapers. These wallpapers have been created by Pashapuma Design, Nayella, and Sai Naveen.

Once you apply a specific set of wallpapers, your phone will scroll between them, based on its power status. The wallpapers switch when your phone’s battery gets low, or is in charging mode. Do note that the ‘low battery’ meant battery saver for us, though, not a specific percentage of the battery.


The developer claims that the app doesn’t really drain the battery, and we can see that. This app basically quickly changes the wallpaper at a specific point, based on the battery status, and that’s it. It doesn’t really do anything in the background at all times.

You’ll be able to select your own wallpapers down the line

At the moment, you can only choose between 17 pre-installed wallpaper packs, but that may change soon. The developer says that it will allow users to choose their own wallpapers down the line. You can also set the app to switch your homescreen wallpapers, or lockscreen wallpapers.

That being said, we’d also love to see smoother transitions between wallpapers. As things stand right now, the app will throw you to a black screen, and then cut to a new wallpaper after that. It would be nice to see a fade effect between wallpapers, or something similar to it.


This app is also not that light. It weighs 38MB, but only because the aforementioned wallpaper packs come pre-installed on it, so the app can change your wallpapers quickly, and doesn’t need to have access to the Internet in order to do it.

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If you’re interested in trying out the app, it’s linked below. Do note that it’s free to use, and it doesn’t include ads.

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