Earin M-2 Wireless Earbuds Relaunches Globally – IFA 2018

Sweden-based startup Earin has taken to IFA 2018 in Berlin in a bid to relaunch its advanced Earin M-2 truly wireless earbuds. Although the earbuds were initially launched at CES near the beginning of 2017, they are now available globally in either white or black colorations. Further colors will be launched later on in the year, including mint, rouge, and light gold. What’s more, the audio solutions company says that it has worked with Google to enable access to the search giant’s A.I., Google Assistant, with a single long-press on either earbud. That will allow easy access to the digital helper in any region where Assistant is available. For the time being, the $249 (or €249) M-2 buds can only be purchased online or at retail locations in China and Japan. However, they will ship to select retailers in Europe at some point this year. The price includes a charging capsule, extra ergonomic tips, and a micro USB charging cable for the capsule.

With regard to the M-2 earphones themselves, each piece is designed to be worn in either ear but, unlike similar listening devices, don’t actually require any marking to let the wearer know which piece goes into which ear. Instead, the device is configured with an automatic algorithm which automatically detects ear position based on the orientation of the earbuds and a built-in accelerometer. Once the earbuds recognize that they’ve been put in place, the M-2 earphones automatically start connecting to the user’s smartphone or whatever other Bluetooth-enabled technology they may have been connected to recently. On the specifications side of the equation, the buds weigh just 4 grams and utilize a system of four integrated mics along with a proprietary algorithm to assist with noise-cancellation and to “catch” sound from within the wearer’s ear. Rather than centering interaction around a button, the tip of each bud includes a touch sensor.

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Meanwhile, Earin’s M-2 also utilizes a unique means for maintaining the connection between each individual earbud. Namely, rather than utilizing Bluetooth that has to pass through the wearer’s body, Earin has partnered with NXP Semiconductors and uses that company’s MiGLO technology. Based on concepts of Near Field Magnetic Induction, that transmits signals across the human body rather than being absorbed. That enables an ultra-low power profile while also helping to keep weight down and ensure a more solid connection.

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