Echo Products Are Currently Cheaper Than They Will Be On Black Friday

Right now, Woot is selling Amazon Echo products for pretty cheap, in fact they are cheaper than they will be on Black Friday in a couple of weeks. Which makes it a really great time to stock up on a few.

In this blowout, you can get a Fire TV remote control with Alexa built-in for just $5. Or there’s the Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) for $20. Which is a really good deal if you are looking to put Amazon Alexa in more rooms in your home, and that’s good for about $5 cheaper than the Echo Dot will be, come Black Friday, so now is the time to buy.

The first-generation Echo is going to cost you $29.99, as well as the first-generation Echo Show going for $49.99. Now these are slightly old at this point, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still great buys in 2019. You see, Amazon is still updating these Echo devices. So they will still work just fine.


Rounding out the sale are a couple of newer Echo products. The Echo Input, which can turn your high-end stereo system into an Amazon Alexa-enabled system, is now just $9.99. Then there is the Echo Sub which would work great in that stereo system, for just $79.99.

These are up to 60-percent off of their regular price. Now, They are all refurbished models, so they aren’t exactly new. But considering the fact that Amazon still provides a warranty on these, even though they are refurbished, is a great thing. And that shouldn’t keep you away from buying them. These are going to make some really great gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season too.

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You can pick up these Echo products from Woot by clicking here. This sale is likely not to last too long, and once stock runs out, that’s it, it’s gone.


Amazon Echo Sale – Woot

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