EXCLUSIVE: John Cena Get Emotional Over Playing ‘Ferdinand’

John Cena is best known for being a brash star in the ring and on screen, so it’s quite a departure to see the wrestler-turned-actor get emotional over the role.

In a new clip from the exclusive Target release of Ferdinand (arriving on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD 3/13), Cena talks about seeing his the character — the bull Ferdinand — for the first time.

“If I see a match of myself or if I see a movie with myself — even though I may be playing a different character — I see myself,” Cena reflected. “The animation, you totally just lose it, and you see Ferdinand. It’s pretty cool.”

The wrestler also discusses how he was inspired by the animation. Director Carlos Saldanha called Cena “the perfect match” for the role, and praised how he embodied the character.

Ferdinand movie John Cena
Ferdinand is literally a bull in a china shop.

Ferdinand based on the beloved children’s book written 82 years ago about the tale of a gentle bull who prefers flowers and friendliness to fighting.

The animated feature is not only an interpration of the 1936 tale by author Munro Leaf, but also an homage to the country of Spain and its beautiful countryside.

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