EXCLUSIVE: Lance Gets a Major Power Upgrade in ‘Voltron’ Season 5 Preview

Power up! Lance, the current Voltron red lion pilot, gets a major gear upgrade in this exclusive clip from the upcoming season of Voltron Legendary Defender.

While in a training session, Lance gets surrounded by laser-shooting spheres (which is very reminiscent of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber training from Star Wars: A New Hope).

In the heat of battle, his bayard (paladin weapon) suddenly transforms from a rifle to a sword, specifically an Altean broadsword. It’s a departure for Lance, who is known for his shooting prowess. Now, he’s got a close-range hand-to-hand weapon.

“I haven’t seen that for 10,000 years,” Princess Allura says of the weapon. “My father used one just like it.” Allura is a native of the now destroyed planet of Altea.

The weapon will surely come in handy as the Paladins battle Zarkon, who is as emboldened as ever.

And will Prince Lotor, who defected to their side, stay friend or turn foe? Fans will find out when the six-episode Season 5 of Voltron premieres Friday, March 2 on Netflix. Watch the full trailer below:

Plus, keep coming back to FANDOM for a full review of Season 5, plus interviews with the cast!

Lawrence Yee

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