‘Final Score’ and Guardians Star Dave Bautista Reads Bad Kids’ Jokes

Former WWE star Dave Bautista is no stranger to bad jokes. As Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor excels in the deadpan delivery of gags that those around him struggle to find funny. In his new film, Final Score, in which he plays US army vet, Mike Knox, Bautista discovers another character with a knack for one-liners.

With this in mind, FANDOM challenged the wrestler-turned-actor to deliver a bunch of bad jokes written by children – and he obliged, in classic Bautista style. There’s no bad joke quite like a kid’s bad joke – and Bautista is alternately bemused, amused and aghast at the array of gags straight out of the mouths, or rather, minds, of babes. Watch the video above for a (very awkward) chuckle.

If you want to read more bad kids’ jokes like the ones featured in the video, head to badkidsjokes.tumblr.com. All the jokes are genuine submissions by children to a kids’ jokes websites, from which the moderator has mined a batch of the most awful gems for all-comers to get their (offbeat) laughing gear around.

Final Score hits screens in the UK on September 7 and the US on September 14. Here’s the official synopsis:

Believing his traitorous brother Dimitri (Pierce Brosnan) is somewhere in the stadium, Arkady (Ray Stevenson), the former leader of a revolution in the Russian state of Sukovia, locks down the Boleyn Ground during the European semi-final between West Ham United and Dynamo FCC. In the crowd with his niece, Danni (Lara Peake), is US veteran Mike Knox (Dave Bautista), who stumbles upon the plot and goes about taking out Arkady’s heavily armed team. Can he get to Arkady before Arkady gets to Dimitri? The fate of 35,000 people inside the stadium – and many more in Russia – depends on it…

Kim Taylor-Foster

Kim Taylor-Foster is Entertainment Editor for Fandom in the UK. She was raised on an unsteady diet of video nasties and violent action flicks.

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