Forget the Fidget Spinner, Meet the Fidget Pen


The person who invited the fidget spinner must have been distracted with they were designing. After all, how is someone who struggles with focus supposed to remember to carry around an extra object with them just so they can focus?! Ok, maybe it’s not that serious of a problem… but it does only makes sense that fidget functionality is married into some of our existing devices! The Fidget Pen is a perfect example.

Integrated into the end of the pen, a finger fidget mechanism allows users to turn the wheels, press buttons and feel the intaglio to their subconscious heart’s content! Because it doubles as a writing utensil, it will have twice the chance of staying with the user. At your desk, it’s a perfect addition to your other utensils and a handy way to get your fidget fix!

Designer: Inyeop Baek








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