155061 Former Google CEO says an abuse of AI can risk lives

Former Google CEO says an abuse of AI can risk lives

Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO, expresses his concerns regarding artificial intelligence. According to Eric Schmidt, the abuse of artificial intelligence can put the lives of people at risk. In his words, artificial intelligence is an “existential risk” but he doesn’t stop there, he goes on to say that it can harm or kill people.

But why would someone who once occupied a high executive position with Google be against a product it’s investing so much in? Well, to clarify, Eric Schmidt isn’t against Google’s AI model but the entire industry without proper regulations. Despite his concerns, he doesn’t feel that the threat would surface now, as it might unveil itself in the future.

He envisions a future where artificial intelligence will aid in finding software security flaws to attack organizations. Of concern is the fear of artificial intelligence helping in the generation of new biological flaws or weapons. But these two rather scary situations will only be possible if there is an abuse of the power of artificial intelligence, hence the need for strict regulations now.

Eric Schmidt joins the fight for strict regulations on artificial intelligence

Eric Schmidt isn’t the only one fighting for artificial intelligence regulations as it gains popularity. Well, artificial intelligence has always been a part of tech, but in recent months it has found its way to the doorsteps of everyday people. Lots of big tech firms are rolling out various AI models or integrating these models into their services.


This integration makes the use of artificial intelligence more common among users of such services. Ever since the roll-outs of these AI models and their integration into some products and services, there have been a lot of complaints from some end users. These complaints come as a result of people abusing the use of artificial intelligence to commit certain social vices.

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Some of the vices that people have used artificial intelligence for include cheating during exams, and producing and selling fake music, among a list of others. At the time, various AI models were gaining momentum. These vices were rather basic, with students getting it to write papers for them. But now more serious vices are on the rise with the help of artificial intelligence.

Eric Schmidt and the National Security Commission on AI point out that there are no regulations guarding the use of artificial intelligence. This can pose a threat to the lives of people as artificial intelligence models advance with time. Some governmental bodies around the world are already working hard to slap restrictions on artificial intelligence and its usage.

These restrictions will go a long way to curb the fearful future that Eric Schmidt foresees. The restrictions will aim at limiting the ability of artificial intelligence models and what they can be used for. In the coming months, more regions might roll out restrictions to help them place a watchful eye on artificial intelligence.


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