157877 Future Samsung Galaxy phones may get a charging speed boost

Future Samsung Galaxy phones may get a charging speed boost

Samsung smartphones could finally get a much-needed charging speed boost. Not next year’s Galaxy S24 series, it will still charge at the same speed as the Galaxy S20 series from 2020, but the company may bump up the speed sometime in 2024 or later. It may jump to 65W charging, up from its current fastest charging of 45W.

Samsung may add 65W charging support to Galaxy phones

Samsung added 45W charging support to its flagship Galaxy smartphones in 2020. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was the only model in the lineup to charge at that speed, though. The other two models were limited to 25W charging. The company did the same the following year. In 2022, it upgraded the Plus model to 45W charging too, leaving the Galaxy S22 behind.


The Galaxy S23 series didn’t change anything and based on leaks and certifications, the Galaxy S24 phones will have the same charging specs as well—45W for the Plus and Ultra models, and 25W for the base model. There have been rumors about Samsung upgrading at least the Ultra model to 65W charging, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

However, the Korean behemoth may have this charging speed boost in the pipeline. According to X tipster Revegnus, Samsung’s supplier of smartphone charger transformers, Atum, recently added 65W and 140W chargers to its portfolio. Details are missing, so there’s no telling if the new chargers are for Galaxy devices, at least the former. But there’s some hope.

The same source states that Atum is the exclusive supplier of flat transformers for 45W chargers for Samsung. It may have made the 65W solution for the Korean firm too. Since there are already rumors about Samsung working on a 65W charger, the dots are connecting nicely. The 140W charger, meanwhile, could be for laptops. The world’s largest smartphone company makes laptops as well.

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Samsung may not rush to this change

Samsung Galaxies aren’t the slowest-charging Android phones. Google’s latest Pixel 8 Pro only supports 33W charging. This is at a time when Chinese firms are pushing the limits to over 200W. The Korean firm’s rumored 65W charger would still feel slow in front of some competing solutions. However, despite this, it may not rush to offer faster charging. Samsung may take its time to evaluate things before finally making the jump. We will keep a close eye on the matter and let you know as soon as we have more information.

Samsung Galaxy charger supplier 65W 140W charging

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