Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ OtterBox Cases Offer Ultimate Protection

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ were made official yesterday at the company’s Unpacked event in Brooklyn, New York. The two latest phones in the Note line are some of Samsung’s most expensive which means they’re not just a new purchase they’re more of an investment. An investment which is worth keeping protected as much as possible. That’s where Otterbox feels its new cases come in.

Otterbox is a trusted name in the world of smartphone cases for being some of the most rugged cases available, and now it has a lineup of different options to help you protect that new expensive phone. The cases also come in a variety of color options so you can protect your device but still have it look good.


There are four different case models available for both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ and which one is best suited for you depends on how much protection you want. All of the cases are designed to offer unparalleled protection compared to cases from other brands but some in this lineup will do a better job at protecting your device than others.

For example, the OtterBox Defender Series Pro case gives you the most protection out of all of them as it’s a combination of the Defender and a polycarbonate holster with a clip that the phone will lock into, as well as Otter Armor Microbial Defense, giving the Galaxy Note 10 full protection on the sides and back from the case and the screen when it’s clipped into the holster and keeping the case protected from common germs.


The Defender Series case also comes with this Polycarbonate holster but it doesn’t have the OtterArmor Microbial Defense protection on the case like the Defender Series Pro. All of the cases are available at different prices to reflect the level of protection you’re essentially getting. The Defender Series Pro case is $70, but you’re getting the most rugged case that OtterBox offers for Samsung’s two newest phones and it covers the entire device front and back.

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Something like the Commuter series is the least protective of the available options, but it’s also a little bit less expensive as it retails for $40. There are also the two in-between cases, which are the Symmetry Series cases at $50 and the Defender Series cases at $60. The Defender Series Pro will only come in Black for the Galaxy Note 10 but will come in Purple Nebula for the Galaxy Note 10+, while the Defender Series is available in Black, Gone Fishin Blue, and Purple Nebula for both.


The Commuter Series can be picked up in Black or Ballet Way Pink for the Galaxy Note 10+ or Black for the Galaxy Note 10, while the Symmetry Series has the most options with five colors available including Black, Beguiled Rose Pink, Sapphire Secret Blue, and a Clear case in two options which are plain clear and clear Stardust Glitter.

As of right now the only case you can actually purchase and have it shipped out immediately is the Defender Series case in Black. All of the other case options are still only available for pre-order. This means you can still pay for them but they will not ship out to consumers until a later date. The other two colors of the Defender for instance won’t ship until at least August 30, while the Symmetry Series will ship out as of September 6 except for the clear option in plain clear and Stardust Glitter which ships September 17.


The Commuter Series case meanwhile ships August 23, with the Defender Series Pro shipping September 6 just like the normal Defender in Pink and Blue.

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