Galaxy Note10 Will Have Ground-Breaking, Three-Stage Variable Aperture

Last year, Samsung shocked the world, when it announced the Galaxy S9 (and Galaxy S9+) with a variable aperture. It was able to go from f/2.4 up to f/1.5. But the Galaxy Note10 is going to take things a bit further, if the current rumors are to be believed.

According to famed leakster, Ice Universe, Samsung is doing a three-stage variable aperture for the Galaxy Note10. That would move from f/2.4 up to f/1.8 and go all the way to f/1.5. Now he did not mention much else about the camera, other than this is what the Samsung engineers told him about the Galaxy Note10.

Samsung’s cameras on its flagship smartphones have been pretty impressive over the past couple of years, so it’s going to be interesting to see how well this three-stage variable aperture works. Seeing as it is adding an aperture stop in the middle instead of a higher aperture to let in more light. This likely means that it’s going to be better in low-light and even semi-low light conditions. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what Samsung says about it, when it is announced on August 7.

The Galaxy Note10 is slated to be announced on August 7, in New York City once again. That would put it ahead of IFA and it’ll likely be available before the iPhone in September, meaning that it’s going to have no competition for a few weeks. That’s exactly what Samsung wants though, is to beat the iPhone to market, and be available before all of the phones announced at IFA actually get announced and go on sale. It has helped them in the past few years, sell even more Galaxy Note’s than normally.

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So far, the Galaxy Note10 is shaping up to be a pretty impressive device. It’ll have a hole-punch display like the Galaxy S10 lineup had earlier this year. But instead of having a hole punch in the right side of the display, it’ll be in the center. Samsung is also planning to do an under-display speaker, instead of a traditional earpiece. So we could be looking at a phone with the thinnest bezels ever. Which would be an accomplishment for Samsung, but typically those under-display speakers don’t sound as good as a traditional earpiece which is a big deal too.

Typically, the Galaxy Note lineup is where Samsung will take chances with new technology, and if these rumors are indeed true, that definitely looks like it’ll be happening again this year. Between the three-stage aperture and the Sound-On-Display technology that are both rumored to be making its way to the Galaxy Note10, it’s going to be a pretty interesting device.

It wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary to expect the Galaxy Note10 to go up in price either. Especially seeing as the Galaxy S10+ is the same price as the Galaxy Note9 was last year. It could be the first mainstream smartphone from Samsung to start at over a grand. So get your wallets ready for August!

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