Galaxy Watch Active 2 Leaks Showcasing No Rotating Bezel

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a device that should be a long ways off considering the Galaxy Watch Active was just announced in February of 2019 and later launched in April. It appears however that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has already leaked and based on the images shown, the watch is not coming with a rotating bezel which has been a trademark feature of most of Samsung‘s Galaxy smartwatches since the Gear S3.

That being said the original Galaxy Watch Active doesn’t come with a rotating bezel either so it seems that Samsung may be wanting to keep the designs more minimalist for this line of watches.

Aside from the lack of a rotating bezel the watch will reportedly come in three different color options. The colors available will be Black, Gold, and Silver, which is almost the same as the colors that are currently available for the original Galaxy Watch Active, which you can pick up in Silver, Black, Rose Gold, and a fourth color which is Green.

The body of the watch houses two buttons on one side along with a mic sandwiched in between them while two speakers appear to be sitting on the opposite side of the case housing. On the back of the watch, it’s said that Samsung has integrated a heart rate sensor while packing it full of other hardware features.

The watch will reportedly come in two different sizes which are 44mm and a smaller 40mm for those wanting a slightly smaller watch face. The images show a leather strap for the watch, though since this is going to be the second version of the Active it’s not likely that this will be the strap that the watch is shipped with. Instead, it’s more likely that the strap that comes with the watch when it launches will be made of silicone like the original Galaxy Watch Active.

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As for the rest of the specifications, if the leak is accurate than the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will come in a Wi-Fi-only and LTE model so consumers will have the option to choose a watch that can connect to cellular network towers for making phone calls or for using with any other features that require an internet or cellular connection, like interacting with apps or sending messages.

The watch is said to come with a 237mAh battery for the Wi-Fi model while the LTE version would come with a slightly larger 340mAh battery to accommodate the LTE integration which would keep the watch connected at all times and drain more battery life.

RAM and hard drive space are likely to be just about the same as all smartwatches tend to be and according to the leak the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is suspected to come with 1.5GB of RAM and 4GB of storage space, which is pretty standard across the industry. The leak doesn’t have any information on pricing or a release, but it’s due to be a long ways off since the first version of the watch is only a few months old.

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