146692 Game in comfort with these Black Friday deals from Respawn & more

Game in comfort with these Black Friday deals from Respawn & more

When it comes to comfort in gaming, you want more than just comfort for your ears and hands, which is why these Black Friday deals on gaming furniture from Respawn and CordaRoy’s are excellent pickups. If you’re gaming at your PC, a decent chair is a must-have. You’ll more than likely be sitting in it for hours on end. And the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable after all that.

During Black Friday week, Amazon is dropping the price on a few different gaming chairs from Respawn including the Respawn 200 which is a similar style chair to the Respawn Flexx we reviewed earlier this year. It has a breathable mesh back and a racing style design with multiple color options. As for the price, it’s currently on sale for $152.99. Normally it retails for $289.99 so you save more than $100 on it while the sale is live. Not bad at all for a gaming chair that won’t break the bank.

There’s also the Respawn 110. A fabric gaming chair that’s been discounted down to $212.49 from the regular price of $260. The fabric version only comes in one color – Gray. However, you can get the 110 in other color options with the PU leather instead of the fabric. If you’re gaming on console, these gaming chairs will work for that too. But you might also want to consider one of the bean bag style chairs from Corda-Roy’s instead. As these are lower to the ground and are perfect for those setups where your TV is placed on a TV stand as opposed to a higher up desk.


There’s numerous options and styles for these on sale this week, with prices ranging from $176.21 to $339.99.

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If you need a comfy new gaming seat, you can check out all the deals from Respawn, CordaRoy’s and others by clicking here.

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