158467 Garmin's Venu Sq smartwatch is down to just $119.99!

Garmin’s Venu Sq smartwatch is down to just $119.99!

Right now, Amazon is currently offering the Garmin Venu Sq at a discount that drops the price by quite a bit. The regular price for this smartwatch is $199.99 but you can pick it up for $119.99. That’s a savings of $80 and a pretty good value for all the features that the smartwatch offers.

One of the better features to be aware of is the battery life. Many smartwatches struggle to last beyond a day or two. That’s why the Garmin Venu Sq is a standout option because it can last for up to 6 days in smartwatch mode. Smartwatch mode is where you have most features enabled. This includes smartphone notifications, workout tracking, heart rate tracking, and really anything else the watch does. Save for GPS. If you switch things to GPS Mode the battery will last for up to 14 hours.


But that’s still a pretty long time for using that feature. And chances are you aren’t going to use that every day. The Garmin Venu Sq also offers loads of watch face options. If customization is a big thing for you, then this watch won’t disappoint. Since this is a Garmin smartwatch we can’t talk about it without mentioning the Body Battery feature. This is unique to Garmin’s devices and it’s a way for you to see how much energy you’re using in a given day.

It also tells you how much energy you recharged the night before. So with these two data points, you can fine-tune your daily routines and see whether or not you might need more rest going forward. You can pick up the Garmin Venu Sq smartwatch from Amazon at the link below.

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