72250 Get Up To 16-Feet Of Drop Protection For Galaxy Note 20 Via Gear4
Get Up To 16-Feet Of Drop Protection For Galaxy Note 20 Via Gear4

Get Up To 16-Feet Of Drop Protection For Galaxy Note 20 Via Gear4

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Popular ZAGG brand Gear4 has three new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G series cases, just in time for pre-orders opening. Branded as the Gear4 Wembley Palette, Crystal Palace, and Battersea, the new cases are designed to offer great aesthetics. But, of course, that’s on top of solid protection in distinct styles for the $1000+ Galaxy Note 20 devices.

So what’s different about each of these Galaxy Note 20 5G series Gear4 cases?

Now, each of the new cases is geared at providing drop and shock protection via D3O Approved material-reinforced corners and edges. The company engineered each to be slim-fitting too, offering full access to wireless charging and tap-to-pay. Perhaps most pertinently, all of these new solutions have been treated to protect against the most common surface bacteria.

Now, the latter feature is not necessarily going to protect against everything, particularly viruses. But it does offer a bit of extra peace-of-mind.


Given the overwhelming similarities, the biggest differentiator for the new Galaxy Note 20 5G series cases from Gear4 will be in looks and drop-protection.

Starting with the most budget-friendly case, Wembley Pallet offers a transparent Smoke finish in a slim-fit design. The case has darker accents via what appears to be thicker material at the corners, as well as the top and bottom edges. Corner protection is, in fact, a key selling point. And that’s been tested to provide adequate protection from as much as a 10-foot drop.

Conversely, Gear4 Crystal Palace is a bit more expensive and, as its branding implies, crystal clear. It features an anti-yellowing, dye-transfer-resistant design. And it can survive up to a 13-foot drop.


Finally, Battersea is a textured soft-touch design that features a rich — but still matte — black coloration on the outside. The inside is bright orange. Despite its slim-design, Gear4 Battersea can protect the new Samsung devices from a drop of up to 16-feet.

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So what’s the pricing like?

Gear4’s latest protective cases are each available right now and in-stock as of this writing. The Wembley Pallet case, as noted above, is the least expensive of the lot. That starts out at $29.99.

From there, the cases get more expensive relative to their drop-protection. The Gear4 Crystal Palace case costs $10 more than Wembley Pallet at $39.99. And the Gear4 Battersea bumps that price up again to $49.99.


Each of these cases is listed as shipping for free though, so there won’t be any added cost for that.

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