Many cell carriers around the world temporarily boosted speeds, forgave late fees, and/or delayed payments as millions of people lost their jobs at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the global economy hasn’t quite recovered yet, and some U.S. states have unemployment rates as high as 16%, Google Fi announced it is returning to pre-COVID payment due dates and data limits.

“Starting September 3, we will return to our standard policies for late payments and data speeds,” Google wrote in a support article. “Our grace period for late payments will return to 3 days from the missed billing date. Full speed data limits will return to 15GB for Flexible and 22GB for Unlimited beginning with your first billing cycle on or after Sept 3.”

Google Fi previously raised monthly high-speed data allowances for all customers to 30GB, starting with billing cycles on and after April 1st. The company also waved late fees on Device Protection insurance payments, and allowed subscribers to buy additional high-speed data for $10 per GB.

While Google Fi isn’t the only carrier to end policies introduced at the start of the global pandemic, it’s still bad news for any of its customers who don’t yet have access to a steady income. Google says that customers with “COVID-19 related financial hardship” can contact support, but there’s no guarantee they will be granted exceptions.