100643 Google Is Tackling Play Store Inaccurate Listings With Upcoming Guidelines
Google Is Tackling Play Store Inaccurate Listings With Upcoming Guidelines

Google Is Tackling Play Store Inaccurate Listings With Upcoming Guidelines

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The Verge is reporting that Google has announced upcoming Google Play Store rules to stop inaccurate app listings. The upcoming Play Store rules ban inaccurate information such as lengthy and inaccurate titles. Google is aiming to stop developers from tricking users into downloading their apps.

The new guidelines will aim to change how the app’s previews look on the Play Store. By doing this Google is looking to stop scam apps from tricking users into downloading the app. The new rules will go into effect in the second half of 2021. Even though the effective date is known, more specific details on the enforcement of these rules will come “later this year.”

Google’s original announcement says that for developers “Google Play is increasingly showing more of your assets front and center.” As a result, this is why Google is making the upcoming changes. These changes will hopefully give a more accurate expectation of what the app’s experience will be like.


The app metadata that will be affected by these upcoming changes are the title length, keywords, and graphical elements. To clarify, the title length will be limited to only 30 characters. This should help to end the really spammy title names like “Battle Royale Army Shooter Game” or something of that nature.

Play Store inaccurate listings will be tackled by Google’s upcoming rules

In regards to keywords, the new rules will now prohibit keywords that imply store performance, promotion in the icon, title, and developer name. Lastly, the rules will eliminate graphic elements that may mislead users in the app icon.

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The original announcement made on the Android Developers blog even goes as far as giving some to developers. That way when the new rules take effect they will be able to adhere to the rules.


The one thing the company suggests is to use a clear and precise app title and brand name. That makes sense and should separate legit apps from the scam ones. The list of things developers should not do is longer.

Developers should not use graphic elements indicating rank nor should they use text to indicate ranking. In addition, they should not use text or graphic elements to promote deals, do not use graphic elements to indicate the Play program or that mislead users, and more.

The upcoming rules should go a long way to keep the installs of scam apps to a minimum. It is good to see Google making moves to attack the tactics used to mislead users. A lot of people assume that because an app is on the Play Store that it is completely legit and not scam.


The thing is that apps can get approved to be on the Play Store, but still provide a terrible experience.

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