132202 Google Messages Might Bring Feature Like Scheduling Messages
Google Messages Might Bring Feature Like Scheduling Messages

Google Messages Might Bring Feature Like Scheduling Messages

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Google has been working on producing a popular messaging platform, and it seems that Google Messages is the one to beat. The company has been adding onto and improving this app over the years, and it seems like that’s not ending soon. Google could be adding some useful features like the ability to schedule messages and more in the near future.

Google Messages is the primary app that Pixel phones use, as it’s Google’s proprietary messaging app. It’s also available to download from the Google Play Store. There are some neat features like keeping your business texts separate from your recreational texts and emoji reactions.

Now, you might be able to schedule texts in Google Messages

There’s a beta program for Google Messages that you can join if you want to try features early. However, the folks at 9To5Google were able to take the latest APK and break it down into its code. They were able to find some of the upcoming features for the platform.


For starters, when a message comes in that the software deems important, you’ll see the app suggest that you “star” it. This will obviously use artificial intelligence to scan the message and look for certain words. You can imagine that, if the message has words like “hurry” or “emergency”, then the system will automatically suggest that you star it.

Another feature could give people the ability to schedule messages. This feature isn’t really new when it comes to messaging apps. Samsung gave people the ability to do this years ago. You can also do this using Slack. However, it’s still a nice thing to have.

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Basically, you’ll write a message and, instead of sending it right away, you’ll be able to pick a time and date for it to actually send. It’s a useful feature to have if you have something you want to send, but you don’t want to disturb the person right then and there.


These features might not come out

This information was discovered via an APK deep-dive. This means that it’s hidden deep within the code of the software. However, that’s not a guarantee that these features will actually come to the final software.

If you want to be in the front row just in case they do come, you should sign up for the beta for the app. Look up Google Messages on the Google Play Store and you should see the option to sign up for the beta right under the Install/Open button. It’ll take a few minutes to sign up, but when you do, you’ll get an update with the beta software right after.

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