155075 Google releases the Pixel Watch factory image files

Google releases the Pixel Watch factory image files

If you use the Google Pixel Watch, and you like to break into your devices, then we have some good news for you. Google has officially released the factory images for the Pixel Watch. So, if you’re a tech-savvy individual, then this should make you happy.

Repeat: tech-savvy individual. Modding and tinkering with your devices can have serious consequences if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, then you might want to pass this up. Tinkering with your device when you don’t know what you’re doing can cause you to break your device and make it a $350 paperweight.

Google released the factory images for the Pixel watch

Google released its first Smartwatch back in October 2022, and it was one of the most interesting SmartWatches released in the year. It didn’t come with a ton of different features, but it did come with a gorgeous design and amazing software. It’s a fine addition to the burgeoning Pixel ecosystem, so if you’re interested in getting one, you can check the link below. Also, be on the lookout for sales.

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If you’re the kind of person who likes to get more out of their software experience than what the OEMs allow you, then this is good news. Up until now, people just didn’t really have much access to the innards of their Pixel Watch software. That’s not a big deal to most people, but folks who love to tinker with the software must have been pretty frustrated.

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However, according to XDA Developers, Google finally released the image files and the OTA files for the Pixel Watch. These are great for people who want to gain root access to their watch. Also, these files are necessary for people who may have accidentally messed something up in their watch and need to restore the software.

If you are curious about downloading these files, here are the OTA Files, and here are the Factory Images.

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