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Google Reveals New Ad Tech Powered By Machine Learning

Google on Tuesday announced new features that use machine learning to improve the results of online advertising campaigns. Those include responsive search ads and “Maximize Lift.” The former is a service that utilizes machine learning to create more relevant messages for customers. Advertisers will provide up to 15 headlines and four description lines, and the search giant’s algorithm will then develop and test different combinations that best suit the search terms of their target audience. The Maximum Lift feature makes it easier for advertisers to reach audiences on YouTube who are more likely going to purchase their products as part of a system designed to help them maximize the impact of their video ads on the video platform. Both functionalities will become available to interested advertisers within the next few months, with Maximum Lift already being offered as a beta service.

Google also developed two new campaign types that help advertisers optimize their targeting depending on their business location and marketing goals. Businesses that seek to increase the number of store visits may choose Local Campaign to optimize their advertisements based on their location and other relevant information. With this campaign type, important company information prominently appears in several Google services, including Google Maps and Search. Meanwhile, Smart Shopping campaigns make it easier for businesses to create advertising campaigns for multiple Google platforms. Advertisers only need to upload their images and text, and machine learning models will automatically combine those assets to develop ads for several Google solutions, including Search, YouTube, and Gmail. The tech firm’s models can also modify the advertisements depending on whether the business wants to increase the number of store visits or gain new customers.

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Google has recently been rolling out new services that make it easier for marketers to develop and track advertising campaigns. Just last month, the Internet juggernaut launched the Google Marketing Platform which consolidates different analytical and advertising tools under a single brand. Meanwhile, the Google Ad Manager helps advertisers reach more distribution channels while also improving the ability of their campaigns to adapt to consumer behavior.

Google Reveals New Ad Tech Powered By Machine Learning

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