158030 Google starts moving Assistant notes and lists to Keep

Google starts moving Assistant notes and lists to Keep

Last week, Google announced that it is moving Google Assistant’s notes and lists, including the Shopping List, to Google Keep. The company said the migration process will begin this month but didn’t provide a precise date. It appears the change is now taking place. As spotted by 9to5Google, Assistant shows a “Your notes and lists are now in Google Keep” notification when the migration is complete.

Google Keep will house your Assistant notes and lists

Google Assistant can do a lot of things, including keeping notes and maintaining shopping lists. You can access these notes and lists on the web from assistant.google.com/lists/mainview and shoppinglist.google.com, respectively. However, these experiences are quite outdated and don’t feel at home on Android. Google never seemed to be giving attention to those but it has now kicked off a major change.


The plan is to simplify the whole experience. Google Keep is already used to maintain notes and lists. By moving Assistant notes and lists to Keep, the company is making it more convenient for you. Google Assistant will be able to access the items on Keep and save new notes and lists directly to the app. “Your Notes and Lists will move automatically, with no action required on your part,” Google said last week.

Once the migration is complete, you can access all previously saved items on Keep. The aforementioned notification confirms that the company has moved your notes and lists. “Google Assistant can now access all of the notes and lists you have in Google Keep. Making them is just as easy,” the notification reads. It features two buttons to visit the “Help Center” or “Go to Keep.”

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On Keep, notes and lists brought from Assistant will feature a “Moved from Assistant” label at the bottom. The two web experiences also now direct you to Keep (keep.google.com). The migration seems to have begun recently, so it could take a while before the change is effective for everyone. If you use Assistant notes and shopping lists, watch out for the said notification in the coming days.

Some notes and lists may not be moved

This change may not move all of your Assistant notes and lists to Google Keep. These include family notes created on smart displays and notes that are too large. The latter category includes notes or lists with titles longer than 999 characters, notes longer than 19,999 characters, lists with more than 999 items, and lists with any item longer than 999 characters. Google is giving you until May 1, 2024, to download your data.

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