157182 Google uses phone deals to be exclusive search tool

Google uses phone deals to be exclusive search tool

In the latest hearing as part of the Google vs US antitrust trial with the DOJ DuckDuckGO CEO Gabriel Weinberg says Google uses phone deals to be the exclusive search tool on devices. This isn’t the first time a claim like this has been made.

Details about Google’s tactics and allegedly monopolistic practices have been coming to light since earlier this month. As the search company finally started trial in the DOJ’s case against it. As part of the details from that case, it was already stated that Google crafts deals with phone manufacturers where it becomes the exclusive search tool for those devices.


Google says it’s still entirely possible for users to switch tools. Going from using Google to using a different search engine to get answers. But Weinberg asserts that this isn’t really the case. Stating court on September 21 that DuckDuckGo “hit a wall with Google’s contracts.”

Phone deals that make Google the default search are only part of the issue

According to Weinberg, it’s not just Google’s exclusive deals with so many different phone companies and manufacturers that make it hard to compete. Weinberg alleges that Google makes the process of switching overly complicated. With a user needing to go through anywhere between 30 and 50 steps to switch default search engines on their devices.

“It’s too many steps,” says Weinberg. He continues by saying the process could be shortened to just a single click to make thigs faster and more convenient for users. But Google’s barrier of a multi-step process keeps users from switching. Because they don’t want to take the time or put in the effort required.

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This in large part has helped keep Google in the top spot for search market share. Though it isn’t the only tactic Google has used to maintain dominance. Past reports allege that Google trains employees to avoid using certain words or phrases. In attempts to avoid sounding like monopolists. It’s also been accused of deleting chat history from internal communications.

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