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Google’s ‘Fast Pair Validator’ App Hits The Play Store

Google has released a new application, and it’s called the “Fast Pair Validator”. This is basically an app for manufacturers that want to implement Google’s “Fast Pair” Bluetooth functionality, which debuted with Pixel Buds last year. Fast Pair, for those of you who do not know, is a part of Google Play services, and it works with devices that support Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. Fast Pair takes advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for advertising and discovery, while it also uses classic Bluetooth, for pairing. Now, along with the Fast Pair Validator app, the company also released a rather short description of the app, which says that the app validates that Fast pair has been properly implemented on a Bluetooth headset, and that it calibrates TX Power. The design of this app is extremely simple, as the app’s functionality is pretty simple and straightforward. This app consists out of a white background, some text, and a couple of buttons, that’s it.

Background: Fast Pair is Google solution for seamless Bluetooth accessory pairing to smartphones, and that feature is often included with headphones which support Google Assistant. Well, this application is here to help manufacturers validate Fast Pair, to validate that they’ve implemented the functionality properly. This app has been released by Google’s Developer account called “Developed with Google”, and it has been downloaded around 100 times thus far. The Developed with Google account had released a number of ARCore Playground stickers, all of which can be found in the Play Store, while the Cloud Next, Google Station Onsite and Live Case apps are also tied to this account. There are a couple of ratings available for this app in the Play Store, though they are misguided and rather odd, to say the least, so it may be best not to give them much credit, as this application is aimed at hardware developers, not users.

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Impact: This app will be used by manufacturers only, basically, so it’s not something that you need to install or check out, but this app may help some companies properly adapt their headphones to work with Google Assistant. If you’re interested to see how the validation procedure works, you can open up the gallery down below, where you will find several screenshots which will show you the process, first listing the testing steps, and then going through all of those steps. Fast Pair is actually quite an interesting feature which basically makes pairing a breeze, and that comes really handy if you’re using Bluetooth headphones, or any other type of Bluetooth accessory which utilizes that feature, actually, as Fast Pair is not limited only to headphones, quite the contrary, a number of other devices can take advantage of this feature, as long as they rely on Bluetooth as a form of connection to smartphones / tablets. If you’re a manufacturer of such products, or you simply want to install this app and open it up for any other reason, you can do so via the link provided down below, the app is completely free.

Google’s ‘Fast Pair Validator’ App Hits The Play Store

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