88023 HBO Max Finally Brings 4K HDR To Android TV

HBO Max Finally Brings 4K HDR To Android TV

A feature that HBO Max should have launched with earlier this year, is finally available on Android TV and Chromecast with Google TV. This is thanks to a new update that is making its way out to Android TV right now.

HBO Max is launching 4K HDR in time for Wonder Woman 1984 to launch on Christmas Day. Which will also be the platforms first 4K HDR title. But don’t worry, there will be plenty more coming throughout 2021. And where HBO Max will launch all Warner Bros movies on its platform the day they hit theaters next year, there’s going to be plenty of 4K HDR movies and shows available.

Dolby Atmos is also supported, on select devices. Which is actually a bigger deal, especially for those that have a nice entertainment center set up in their home. Dolby Atmos is going to make movies like Wonder Woman 1984 sound absolutely amazing in your living room. As it cranks up the volume, without distorting the sound, giving you a really great experience.


Which devices support 4K HDR with HBO Max?

HBO Max did not go into specifics on what devices are supported. But just about any 4K HDR Android TV should be supported. And the same goes for the Chromecast with Google TV. The older Chromecast Ultra is also listed. As well as the Amazon Fire TV 4K, Apple TV 4K and the AT&T TV which is powered by Android TV.

HBO Max will be bringing 4K HDR support to more platforms in the coming weeks and months though. So if your platform is not listed, don’t worry yet.

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Make sure to go update your HBO Max app on your TV or Chromecast right now. So you can take full advantage of this 4K HDR support. You are looking for version 50. You may already have it on your device, depending on when you are reading this.

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