154091 Heat alerts are coming to Google search within the year

Heat alerts are coming to Google search within the year

Considering the surge in temperatures around the world, Google search plans to roll out heat alerts. This feature will come in handy for locals as well as those visiting an area at any time of the year. Making use of this feature will be straightforward as it will only require users to search for a keyword.

In this case, that keyword will be ‘heatwave’ and it will pull up the temperature of various areas. It can be your exact location or a place that you wish to visit or are just curious about. Armed with this tool, you will be able to stay clear of areas where there is a temperature surge.

This is an innovative idea from Google, and it will also be a functional feature. Some representatives from Google have also shared a thing or two about this coming feature and what users can expect. There are also a few other existing features similar to this that netizens can also put to good use.


Get notified on temperature surges with the heat alerts coming to Google search

This amazing feature will be available for use in certain regions in the coming months. The senior director of products for health and social impact at Google search, Hema Budaraju, has confirmed the coming of this feature. It aims at helping people adapt to the climate changes currently plaguing the world.

Over the past few years, the temperature in most areas of the world has seen a significant spike. This can come as a shock to tourists and locals who haven’t been keeping up to date with the local news. Most people don’t turn on the TV to check what the weather will be like, but they are constantly on their smartphones.

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It will make a lot of sense to give such people weather alerts directly to their smartphones. This is exactly what Google search is doing with the coming heat alerts feature. So, instead of turning on the TV to check the weather forecast, you can simply search ‘heatwave’ via the Google app and get the temperature of your area.


If the temperature in your region is high, you will get an alert informing you to stay indoors. Knowing that heat is now the leading cause of weather-related casualties, it is good to have a feature like this. Tourists or those aiming to travel for different purposes to regions with soaring temperatures will also get alerts not to make that trip.

Once available, this feature will help protect the lives of millions of Google search users. The heat alert Google search feature will be joining the flood and wildfire alert features that launched some months ago. This shows Google’s technological efforts toward improving the health of its users.

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