155039 How to watch the PlayStation Showcase

How to watch the PlayStation Showcase

Sony’s big PlayStation Showcase is today and that means PlayStation fans are in for a lot of good stuff to come during the event, and you’ll definitely want to watch if you’re a PlayStation fan. While Sony hasn’t explicitly stated what it plans to show off, there are plenty of assumptions and speculation floating around.

Or perhaps these might be better described as hopes and dreams for those that are wanting to see something specific. As you likely already know, this will be different from the usual State of Play events that Sony holds. As this isn’t a State of Play, but rather a showcase. Think of it like the big summer showcase Sony used to hold when it attended E3.

With that said, here’s how you can watch the PlayStation Showcase when it goes live.

When to watch the PlayStation Showcase

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase will start at 1pm PT so it’s right around the start of the afternoon. It will be about one hour long, so you might want to set aside the time to watch the whole thing if you’re interested in everything that Sony has to show off.


If you’re not going to be able to watch the whole thing, or watch the showcase in general, not to worry. Sony will end up having the video uploaded afterwards. So you can still watch the showcase later once the livestream has ended.

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How to watch the PlayStation Showcase

There are two ways to watch the show, and both are really easy to do. Since this will be a livestream, you can watch all the stuff being revealed on the official PlayStation Twitch channel. Sony will also be livestreaming the show on its official YouTube channel.

So if you prefer, you can watch the livestream directly on this page from the video above.

What to expect from the showcase

Officially Sony hasn’t confirmed what will be presented. But it has given a couple of brief details. When the showcase was announced earlier this month, Sony mentioned it will focus on both PS5 and PS VR2 games from “top studios around the world.” It also mentioned that players should expect glimpses of games coming from PlayStation’s internal studios. As well as some unexpected titles from third-party partners.


With all of that said, there’s bound to be something exciting for most players. Here’s to hoping the showcase includes something for everyone to look forward to.

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