HTC Announces Which Smartphones Will Get Android Pie

Android 9 Pie was made official this week, and smartphone makers have been announcing plans for updating their current smartphones to the latest version of Android. HTC is the latest to make its announcement, and listed four devices which will get updated. That includes the U11, U11 Plus, U11 Life and U12 Plus. That covers HTC’s smartphones from 2017 and 2018 (so far). That is about what was expected from HTC – to continue updating its smartphones for two years. While it would be nice to see the HTC 10 get its update, it’s not a surprise that it’s not – at least not yet.

HTC has not announced when specifically these smartphones will get updated to Android Pie, and that is because smartphone makers typically don’t announce time frames for software updates. This is because bugs can crop up, and certifications can take longer than expected, and delay these updates. But since none of these smartphones are carrier models, it shouldn’t take as long to get updates pushed out, seeing as HTC doesn’t need carrier approval for Android Pie on these smartphones. Now the HTC U11 Life is an Android One device, so it should theoretically get updated sooner than the skinned smartphones from HTC. However, since it does run on the Snapdragon 630, it may take longer than expected, since HTC also needs Qualcomm’s support to push out the update.

Android Pie is the latest version of Android that actually adds quite a few differences to the visual aspect of the operating system. It also adds things like Digital Wellbeing, so that you can use your phone less, and spend more time with family and friends. There’s also plenty of other features that is going to make the entire operating system run smoother and faster. So this is a pretty big update to Android, and HTC smartphones will get in due time.

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