Hulu Holiday Guide: A Show For Every Holiday Situation


The holidays are upon us and that means we’ll all be subjected to a multitude of stressful situations. However, Hulu has got you covered for whatever circumstance you find yourself in this holiday season. Check out this variety of shows you can stream on Hulu for any holiday situation that comes up.

Situation One

You’re going home for the holidays and you have a long journey ahead of you. Or, worst of all, your trip has been delayed and you’re stuck with nothing to do.

Hulu Holiday Guide: A Show For Every Holiday Situation

Shows to Watch: We recommend some great shows that have plenty of episodes so you can eat up some time while you wait. You can solve a bunch of mysteries with all eleven seasons of The X-Files, revisit Superman’s hometown with ten seasons of Smallville, or laugh your delay away with all twenty-three seasons of South Park. In addition to streaming these shows, with the Hulu (No Ads) plan, you can now download certain shows so you can watch without a Wi-Fi connection

Situation Two

The whole family wants to gather around the TV and spend some quality time together. You’re feeling the warmth of the holidays settle in and you want everyone to feel the same way.

Hulu Holiday Guide: A Show For Every Holiday Situation

Shows to Watch: You can keep things fluffy and sweet with Modern Family, take a trip back to the ‘80s with The Goldbergs, or feel all the feels with This Is Us. Any of these shows are sure to remind you that there’s no place like home for the holidays. 

Situation Three

You’re back home and you remember the awful truth: your family is INSANE. You need something that will make you feel better about having the craziest relatives ever.

Hulu Holiday Guide: A Show For Every Holiday Situation

Shows to Watch: There are plenty of dysfunctional families you can empathize with on Hulu. There’s the always ridiculous Griffins on Family Guy, the utterly despicable Reynolds gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or possibly the most insane family of them all, the Smiths in Rick and Morty. No matter which one you go with, it’s likely to make your family seem a little more tolerable.

Situation Four

Things take a turn for the worse – and you want to indulge your inner Scrooge. It’s okay to be a little dark during the winter.

Hulu Holiday Guide: A Show For Every Holiday Situation

Shows to Watch: You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to enjoying a little me time. Get cynical and cutting with the always enjoyable Daria, feed your inner horror fanatic with the Stephen King world of Castle Rock, or get classic with it and watch tales of comeuppance with The Twilight Zone.

Situation Five

It’s likely that a lot of us are surrounded by kids during the holidays and maybe you need something to catch their attention. But, you want to show them something you enjoyed when you were younger.

Hulu Holiday Guide: A Show For Every Holiday Situation

Shows to Watch: Hulu is more than prepared when it comes to entertaining children with classic cartoons. You’ve got Rugrats for very little ones, The Powerpuff Girls for some superhero action, Invader Zim for slightly older and odder kids, Adventure Time for kids who love fantasy, Doug for some creative teenagers, and even adult animation like Bob’s Burgers and King of the Hill for older kids. You won’t want for choices in this situation.

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