56612 Hype-Building Promo Images Leak Ahead Of Galaxy Note 10 Launch

Hype-Building Promo Images Leak Ahead Of Galaxy Note 10 Launch

Samsung is all set to launch its most ambitious flagship phablets to-date, the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. Now, a series of promotional materials have leaked out, giving an even closer look at the two devices than ever before.

The materials, presented as web-ready images, cover the gamut of sales points. They effectively highlight what’s new about the screen, cameras, software, S Pen, and battery in the Galaxy Note 10 family. The exact specifications may not be revealed in the promotional materials but Samsung is being very clear in setting expectations.


According to Samsung, the new Galaxy Note 10 will be a ‘computer’, ‘game console’, ‘film studio’, and ‘intelligent pen’ all rolled into a single device.

Exact details are still somewhat vague, just like they always are


As is always the case with Samsung’s promotional materials, the company uses the apparently-official new materials to talk about capabilities instead of specifics. That’s with one exception. The images here do highlight the size of the display — now all but confirmed at 6.3-inches and 6.8-inches for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, respectively.

The purpose of that is not to showcase size alone, however, since the pictures showcase the thinnest bezels ever used with a Galaxy-branded handset. Everything is significantly reduced compared to prior Galaxy flagships with a single hole-punch camera centered at the top. Samsung describes the bezels as “nearly invisible.”


The physical buttons in the images have been moved to the left edge too, as shown in previous leaks.

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From those features, Samsung moves on to talking up the improvements it plans to make for its now-standard garaged S Pen stylus. Building on the capabilities already found in the Galaxy Note 9, which will be improved this time around, Samsung is expanding the ways users can control their device with the stylus. Users will now be able to activate and flip through filters for photos remotely.


New “air” gestures and handwriting tools will be present as well.

Following up from that, the tech giant will reportedly be including software features that help its cameras, expected to be the same hardware as the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, act more like an ‘in-pocket’ professional film studio. That includes the addition of better depth in videos but the leak doesn’t provide much more beyond that.


The audio associated with the camera will be built around a three-mic system, however, that allows audio to zoom with the camera. In effect, that means Samsung will be adopting audio recording functionality that separates audio across three directions in order to amplify and put forward the audio the recording is meant to be focused on. That will track with the subject the camera is focused on and the level of zoom in use.

Last but not least, the new images highlight unspecified improvements to battery management and longevity, starting with intelligent optimizations. With the new feature in place, Samsung says its Galaxy Note 10 should last a day or more. Tied in with that, new charging features mean that the phone will be able to pull in hours of battery from just minutes of charging.


Tomorrow will cement the next generation of Note

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Samsung will be launching its industry-leading phablet on August 7 — tomorrow — alongside what is expected to be a slew of other devices.


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold is presently expected to make an appearance too and will likely be the showstopper at the event. As implied by the name, that’s the South Korean tech giant’s flexible screen-enhanced 2-in-1 hybrid that Samsung has been working to fix and push out since a few months back.

While that will almost certainly steal quite a bit of spotlight throughout Samsung Unpacked, the new promotional materials at least offer assurance that Samsung hasn’t forgotten Note fan. If the leaks so far have been accurate, this device is more than prepared to hold its own.


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