HyperX Has Shipped 60 Million Memory Modules To Date

In Short: HyperX has just announced that it has shipped 60 million memory modules. The company has been founded back in 2002, and this is the overall number of sold memory modules since then. The company has also mentioned that this comes right about the time it started selling the Cloud Mix, its first Bluetooth-enabled gaming and lifestyle headset. The company has also mentioned that it is seeing growth in sales of its headsets, keyboards, and mice, which are some of the gadgets the company is selling alongside memory modules, even though memory modules are what HyperX is known for by the PC community. Having said that, the company is projected to exceed $550 million in total revenue for its products this year.

Background: Aside from producing memory modules, the company sells keyboards, mice, microSD cards, headsets, and mousepads. HyperX focuses on bringing new products to PCs, mini PCs, and notebooks, while it memory modules lineup consists out of Predator DIMMs for high-performance PCs, FURY DIMMs for gamers who are looking to get an affordable gaming PC setup going, and Impact SODIMMs for notebooks. In order to commemorate this major milestone the company announced today, HyperX has released some interesting data. Since the company was founded in 2002, gaming memory capacity grew 62 times, from 256MB to 16GB. Memory module speeds increased 12 times, from 333MHz to 4.133GHz. Price per 1Gb decreased in cost 38 times, from $37.66 to $0.98 (Average Selling Price). And last, but not least, memory architecture advanced four times, from DDR1 all the way to DDR4, and HyperX contributed to all that by its presence and its products. The company has also mentioned a number of other milestones it achieved along the way, as the company managed to become the first company to sponsor a gaming organization for over 10 years (SK Gaming), and the first gaming brand to sponsor major esports arenas. On top of that, the company also managed to become the first gaming memory company to sponsor an esports event in China in 2004, and the first gaming memory vendor chosen as the base memory vendor for major PC OEMs.

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Impact: Shipping 60 million memory modules is, needless to say, a major milestone for HyperX. It remains to be seen how long will it take for them to sell 100 million memory modules, and whether the company plans to expand its portfolio by then, though chances are it will. HyperX has seen significant success with memory modules, keyboards, mice, headsets, microSD cards, and mousepads, but there’s always room for improvement, and for expanding other market sectors, of course. HyperX did not give out any indication that we may see a new product category in its portfolio, but who knows what may happen in the future. The company’s high-performance Bluetooth gaming headset is the last product it announced, and that announcement took place earlier this month, so check out our coverage if you’re interested in it. It is worth noting that the company’s latest headset is available exclusively via Best Buy in the US, and that it costs $199.99.

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