Interest In AI Assistants On The Rise In The US: Survey

Wakefield Research conducted a new survey called the ‘Capital One AI Survey’, and that survey actually gives us insight as to how interested are US consumers in intelligent assistants, amongst other things. This survey was conducted among 1,000 nationally representative US adults, and the survey took place between April 16 and April 23 this year, but the company is now releasing the info.

Now, this survey was conducted using an e-mail invitation, after which an online survey took place. That being said, this survey proves that intelligent assistants become a part of everyday life for many US consumers, and that those consumers would rather trust intelligent assistants with some information than humans, which is interesting. According to the provided data, 43-percent of people use intelligent assistants more these days than they did a year ago. Now, when consumers were asked about specific topics they’d be comfortable discussing with an AI assistant, over 43-percent of them said they’d gladly discuss career and financial matters, 43-percent of them said that they’d have no problem discussing health issues, while 40-percent said they’d be comfortable talking to AI assistants about relationships, and ask for relationaship advice.

It seems like quite a few Americans are actually interested in talking to AI assistants instead of people when it comes to bank-related matters, as in they’d rather talk to a computer than an actual person who works in a bank. 82-percent of people who were involved in this survey want AI assistants to be involved in financial tasks. When asked about most wanted features in a financial intelligent assistant, protecting fraud, ensuring bills are paid on time, and protecting credit card information were ranked as top three, with 47-percent, 44-percent, and 38-percent, respectively. 25-percent of people who got surveyed would trust an AI assistant when it comes to relationships, which is also an interesting piece of information. And finally, 77-percent of surveyed Americans do believe that it’s important for an AI assistant to have a unique, human-like personality, Wakefield Research says.

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