‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer Breakdown: An Origin Story and a New Lover?!

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix March 8, and it’s been a long time coming. After the ups and downs of the various Defenders shows, we’re excited the spotlight’s back on the heavy-drinking, hard-hitting, smart-talking “not a hero.”

We got the FANDOM crew together to break down the biggest moments, and biggest questions from the trailer. We’re also generally just getting hyped for one of the best characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wanna follow along? We’ve got the transcript right here for ya.

0:00 – 0:10
Here we see Jessica in some form of group therapy. As she throws the ball against the wall, she begins to share what memories she has of her own origin story. This is a clear sign that Season 2 will explore the yet unknown source of her powers and potentially reveal who experimented on her.

The trailer then cuts to the death of her parents in a car accident, which was explored briefly in the first season.

:10 – :21
Jessica then recounts the events that she remembers: her experimentation, her abduction, and the abuse she suffered at the hands of Kilgrave. As far as we know, Kilgrave did not give Jessica her powers, he only used them once he discovered how strong she was. Is the show teasing something more here?

When Malcolm asks Jessica how Anger Management class was, Jessica has the perfect retort: “Still angry.” This shows us that while she’s willing to get help for anger management, she knows she needs something more than just group therapy. Her trusty whiskey bottle makes an appearance here as well — definitely a staple from Season 1. You could even call whiskey Jessica’s most faithful sidekick — don’t tell Daredevil.

:30 – 1:00
Here we see Jessica’s life as a PI and as a hero, though don’t call her hero to her face.

1:00 – 1:17
During Season 1, Jessica did not want to become a superhero. Now it seems as though she’s reconsidering her position. Is that because of the time she recently spent with the Defenders?

In this scene, we can clearly see Jessica defending a young Trish Walker, possibly from an attacker. This reemphasizes the importance of Jessica and Trish’s relationship and how often they have saved each other.

Here we can see Jessica kissing a mystery man — definitely not her lover from Season 1, Luke Cage. The mystery man could be actor J.R. Ramirez, who is playing a character this season named Oscar.

There’s a quick shot of Will Simpson here, who is back for Season 2 — as well a variety of scenes showing Jessica kicking ass. Will she rise up to be a hero this season, will she discovery who made her into one? We’ll find out on March 8th, when Jessica Jones Season 2 hits Netflix globally.  

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