LG’s 70-inch 4K HDR TV Comes With A $200 Dell GC For $899 – Dell Deals

Dell is selling LG’s massive 70-inch 4K HDR TV right now for just $899. That right there is good enough for a $600 discount from its regular price. But that’s not enough for Dell. It has also thrown in a $200 Dell Gift Card, as well. Making this a pretty impressive deal, especially if you are looking for a 70-inch TV for home.

This TV from LG is part of the new ThinQ branded TV line, which means that it is a smart TV that can act as the hub for your smart home. If you own other LG smart home products, this is the perfect choice for you. It also sports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which can control your other non-LG smart home products, like Philips Hue lights. This does not run on Android TV unfortunately, but instead uses webOS, and all of the big name apps are included. That includes YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and much more. Making it a great TV for the cord cutters out there.

No, this is not an OLED TV from LG. That would cost a lot more. But this is an LCD TV, and it does sport some pretty good viewing angles, and a great picture thanks to HDR10 support.

You can pick up the LG 70-inch 4K HDR TV from Dell from the link below. The $200 Gift Card will be emailed to you within 20 days, and will expire 90 days after it is sent.

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