157981 Limited Time: $150 Discount on iRobot's New Roomba Combo i5+!

Limited Time: $150 Discount on iRobot’s New Roomba Combo i5+!

iRobot announced its Roomba Combo i5+ back in August, and now it’s $150 off. That brings the price down to just $349, and that is a new all-time low for this robot vacuum. Making this a really great time to pick one up.

The iRobot Roomba Combo i5+ is the cheapest vacuum/mop combo on the market from iRobot. And it’s a pretty nifty one. Unlike the Roomba Combo j7+, this one actually has separate dustbins. So to go from mopping to vacuuming, you’d need to swap out the bins. This does mean that there is a little more work on your end, but for this price, that’s okay.


This is a great robot vacuum for pet hair due to the rubber rolling brushes here, as well as the increased suction. So you’ll never have to worry about it missing any pet hair or getting tangled.

This is the “plus” model which means it comes with the auto-empty dock. That’s going to allow you to not worry about emptying the dustbin for about 60 days. Then you can just take out the dustbag and put in a new one. It’s super easy.

You can pick up the iRobot Roomba Combo i5+ from Amazon by hitting the link below.

iRobot Roomba Combo i5+ – Amazon

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