Master & Dynamic’s Premium MH40 Headphones For Just $199 – Amazon Black Friday 2018 Deals

The Master & Dynamic MH40 wired headphones are an excellent option for those looking for a more premium build and sound quality. In fact, these are generally quite expensive headphones as they do retail in the US for $399, although in conjunction with Black Friday 2018 they can currently be picked up for just $199 – half their usual cost.

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While all of the current talk is focused on wireless headphones, having a wired pair is usually a better option when it comes to reliability and performance. For example, there’s a reason why Hi-Res Audio headphones are only Hi-Res Audio headphones when used in wired mode. So although the Master & Dynamic MH40 are wired-only headphones, and not particular very tech-focused, these are a solid option for those who are mostly concerned about the actual main reason for buying a pair of headphones in the first place – the sound quality. What’s more, they do come with an ultra-cool design overall. Nothing plastic or generic about these headphones which are largely made up of metal and leather, feature an over-ear design, 45mm drivers, and are colorful enough to help you stand out in even the busiest of headphone crowds. All of which makes them an excellent gift option for audiophiles.

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