153839 Material You's coming to Google Drive for web

Material You’s coming to Google Drive for web

Android looks significantly different from how it looked back in 2021. That’s the year that the company introduced Material You. Since then, the company’s been applying this design aesthetic to its apps and services. Now, Google is adding Material You to Google Drive for the web, according to 9To5Google.

Material You isn’t only a design language for Android. It’s turning into a unified Google service aesthetic. The company has been adding Material You to its services for the web and to its iOS apps. It’s really the next evolution in the Google look and feel.

Material You is coming to Google Drive for the web

Google Drive is the cloud-based storage platform in Google’s Workspace. It holds the majority of the files that Google One users store. On the web, it retained the older version of Google’s aesthetic, but it’s about time that the company upgraded it.


That upgrade is now coming to people. When you open the site, you’ll see a lot of notable changes starting with the Add File button. It’s no longer a pill shape. You’ll see a rounded square. As for the folders and files, you’ll see that they’re also more rounded. The files are housed in rounded blue boxes that would comply with Dynamic Color if it was available.

Moving onto the left panel, there are some more changes. You’ll see that the list of items is much more compact. Also, you’ll see pill-shaped highlights on them when you hover your cursor over them.

It makes the interface look more consistent with what Google has established back in 2021. There are some things that didn’t change, however. For starters, the Get more storage button remains the same shape. Also, the dropdown menu you summon when you right-click also remains the same.


If you don’t see these changes, don’t worry. Google is still rolling them out. You’ll just want to wait a few days for it to reach you.

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