123268 Moen's New Faucet Is Controllable Through Gestures

Moen’s New Faucet Is Controllable Through Gestures

The American faucet producer Moen has recently unveiled a new faucet that allows users to control it with gestures. The product is called Smart Faucet with Motion Control, and users can adjust the temperature and flow with the motion of their hands.

Smart home appliances are getting more attention, and many appliances brands incorporate technologies in their products. The latest Moen faucet comes in various designs to match the different styles of home decoration. Also, some models don’t have a handle for when the gesture control isn’t working. This somehow shows the confidence of Moen in its technology.

A Moen Smart Water App allows owners to adjust the default temperatures and a preferred gesture scheme. Also, you just need to move your hand in front of the sensor for selecting the hot, cold, or warm water. Owners can also access the water consumption reports through the app.


This faucet from Moen works with gestures

Moen has a long-lasting reputation for producing smart faucets and showers. The company had incorporated some exciting features in its new product. For example, the Smart Faucet with Motion Control uses Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. Of course, this is not a new feature, and some previous faucets by Moen had this. Another thing is that you can adjust a certain amount of water to come out of the faucet at a specific temperature.

The Smart Faucet with Motion Control also has a “wash hands” command which stops the flow of water for 20 seconds so you can scrub your hands.

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Moen is planning to integrate the app with its other products to form a Smart Water Network. The network includes the faucet, a leak detector, Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, sump pump monitor, and smart shower. Moen believes that this system can automatically detect risks and take action.


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