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Mystery Moto P30 Handsets Appear On Official Chinese Website

At least three previously unknown Moto-branded handsets have reportedly appeared on the Lenovo-owned company’s website under the Moto P30, Moto P30 Note, and Moto P30 Play branding. Although not many details were provided by the site, which appears to have been taken down in the meantime, the appearance has led to a fair amount of speculation. For the most part, that has centered around whether the mysterious listings might be related to the still unannounced Motorola One and One Power smartphones. However, the included specs don’t necessarily line up with that and there are currently only expected to be a total of two Motorola One devices.

To begin with, the more powerful version of the Motorola One devices – the One Power – is predicted to arrive with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage. Meanwhile, of the two newly listed devices, the Moto P30 Play was the only one that seemed to ship solely in that memory and storage configuration. The Moto P30 Note was listed as being available in that layout as well as another option with 6GB of RAM and 64GB storage. The color schemes for the Moto P30 Play do seem to match the expectations of that other smartphone since its shown with Ice Jade White and Bright Black options. On the other hand, the Moto P30 Note was only presented in a Bright Black variant. Interestingly, the Moto P30 doesn’t appear to be the base model here either. Instead, it was only available with 6GB of RAM and with either 64GB or 128GB of storage. It was also shown with two versions dubbed the ‘Open’ and ‘Mobile’ editions. Both of those are noted as having been marked as ‘Full Netcom,’ which means they’d be suitable for any and all mobile networks in China. Three colors choices were available for the Moto P30, including Bright Black, Ice Jade White, and Aurora.

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Whether or not the company plans to launch its Android-powered Motorola One handsets in China under the P30 model designation remains to be seen at this point. It wouldn’t necessarily be unusual for Motorola to have completely different models planned for the region either, although that’s been far less common in recent years. With that said, there’s not much else to go on since no images were included alongside the listings and there’s been no comment from Motorola on the matter. The company is expected to host a mobile gathering in China on August 15 and, given the timing of this latest leak, these new devices could easily show up during that event.

Mystery Moto P30 Handsets Appear On Official Chinese Website

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