National Geographic’s New App Is Here And It Looks Great

Those of you who are fans of National Geographic’s content are in luck, as the company has just released a new application for both Android and iOS. Before we get into it, keep in mind that this application is available to consumers in the US and Canada, you will not be able to download it from anywhere else, as it is region-locked. This application will provide you with access to the National Geographic magazine archives, photo library, digital articles, and over 3,000 videos. National Geographic says that it wanted to create such an app in order to provide people with a convenient way to access its vast content. Personalized feed is also included in the package, which is also worth noting, and you will get some tools in order to get it just right, plus it will probably become more useful as time goes by. That “personalized feed” is tucked away in the “For You” tab that you will notice as soon as you fire up the application. National Geographic says that it will provide you with a “highly personalized experience”. Now, in addition to over 3,000 videos that we’ve already mentioned, you will get access to over 28,000 photos by National Geographic photographers, and a curated archive of National Geographic magazines, including the original one which was released back in 1888. Now, it is also worth noting that this new application replaces the old National Geographic magazine app, through a free account.


As you can see, all the focus in National Geographic’s application is on the content, in this case text, images, and videos, as it should be. The app’s design is extremely simple, the background is white, while you will find four menus at the top, and four on the bottom. Top menus are, from left to right: For You, Read, Look, and Watch. All of these are kind of self-explanatory, “For You” is the personalized feed that we were talking about in the first paragraph, while the other three are dedicated to reading, looking at images, and videos. Now, as far as bottom menus are concerned, you’re getting Home, Magazine, Search, and Settings. The Home button will get you back to the home screen, while via the “Magazine” option you can access National Geographic’s magazines. The “Search” option will provide you with a general search of National Geographic’s content, while the Settings menu offers some more app options for you to play around with, of course. It is also worth noting that the app will display really well on tablets, in the landscape mode.

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Wrap Up

This is a brand new app, so not many people got a chance to use it just yet, but the app does have 27 reviews in the Play Store at this point (at the time of writing this article), and is currently holding a 4.6-star rating, which is not bad at all. This app certainly looks better than the company’s previous app, and if you’re a fan of National Geographic and its content, and you live in the US or Canada, you may want to try it out. This app will hopefully become available in more regions going forward, but National Geographic did not share any info regarding that just yet.

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