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Nubia V18 Will Be Announced On March 22: Official

It seems like Nubia is planning to release a new smartphone on March 22. The company has confirmed that the Nubia V18 is coming on March 22, at least that’s what the company’s teaser image says, an image that is listed down below. Now, this teaser image also confirms the display size of this smartphone, and it seems like the Nubia V18 will sport a 6-inch display, while Nubia also says that this will be a ‘full screen’ smartphone, which means that it will sport very thin bezels, quite probably.

Now, other than what was said in the first paragraph, we do not have any info about the Nubia V18, that handset is basically a mystery at this point, and this is the first time that we’re hearing about it. Now, it is quite possible that this is one of the company’s mid-range offerings, as this is not a Nubia Z-series handset, and the company is expected to announce its new flagships in the coming months. The Nubia V18 is probably not the company’s gaming smartphone either, as the teaser image would probably be quite different, plus the name of the device would be different as well. The Nubia V18 will probably be made out of metal, and chances are it will have a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, at least based on the previous devices Nubia released. The Nubia V18 will have plenty of competition as far as smartphone launches go, as a number of Chinese smartphones are scheduled to arrive before the end of this month.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S flagship will be announced on March 27, while Huawei will introduce its P20 handsets on that very same day. Huawei is expected to announce the Huawei P20, P20 Pro, and P20 Lite, though that’s not all, as the Meizu E3 will land on March 21, while the Lenovo S5 will arrive one day before that. The OPPO F7 got announced yesterday, while the OPPO R15 and R15 Dream Mirror Edition are coming soon. As you can see, this will be quite a busy month for Chinese smartphone manufacturers, and the Nubia V18 is yet another device on that list.

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Nubia V18 Will Be Announced On March 22: Official

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