158005 One UI 6 gets charging notification dismissal feature

One UI 6 gets charging notification dismissal feature

Lots of Samsung devices are already getting the One UI 6 and Android 14 update. Working together, these updates are bringing a ton of personalization features to users. Among these personalization options is the ability to dismiss the charging notification when one plugs their Samsung device in to charge.

This will be a very important feature addition for most users who get tired of seeing notifications on their devices. These types of users find it soothing to have a clear notification tab, hence constantly clearing out all notifications. However, before this update that is now rolling out, users were not able to clear their device’s charging notification.


This is the notification that pops up when a user plugs in their phone to charge (wired or wirelessly). The ability to clear notifications such as this became an official feature with the roll-out of the Android 14 update. For Samsung devices, the release of the One UI 6 update brought this feature to eligible Galaxy devices.

Eligible Galaxy devices running on One UI 6 for Android 14 can now dismiss their device’s charging notification

The One UI 6 update became available a few days ago, with most Galaxy devices getting this update. However, not all Galaxy devices can get the Android 14 update, so the ability to dismiss charging notifications is limited. This is because this feature is native to Android 14 devices, and not all Galaxy devices will get this software update.

Its function is very simple and straightforward and can help users declutter their notifications tab. As you already know, plugging in your Android device triggers a notification most of the time. This notification can become pesky as it can’t be removed along with other notifications.

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Most times, this notification pops up under the silent notification section on the shade. Being in the silent notification tab means that it doesn’t disturb the users by pinging the device once it pops up. However, the mere sight of it on the notification shade can be a source of pain to some users.

With a simple swipe to either side of the screen, Samsung fans can now remove charging notifications on their devices. This will help declutter the notification shade on the user’s device, and this is preferable for most users.

There are a lot of other changes and improvements that are here thanks to the One UI 6 update. Working together with Android 14, this update to Galaxy devices is smoother with more refinement. If you use a Samsung Galaxy device you can head over to your system settings to install the One UI 6 update if you haven’t already done so.

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