158451 OnePlus celebrates tenth anniversary, shares vision for future

OnePlus celebrates tenth anniversary, shares vision for future

OnePlus, a global smartphone maker, is celebrating a monumental milestone – its tenth anniversary. Founded with a vision to redefine smartphone technology, OnePlus has consistently innovated the industry, offering a decade marked by constant pursuit and great user experiences.

Pete Lau, the founder of OnePlus, reflected on this journey in a letter. He shared it on the OnePlus community forum. Innovations like fluid OS experiences, SuperVOOC charge, and collaborations with Hasselblad have consistently pushed the boundaries of mobile expectations.


A Journey of “Never Settle”: From OnePlus One to the upcoming OnePlus 12

In 2023, OnePlus experienced a remarkable 59% increase in global device sales compared to the same period last year. It underscores the brand’s growing connection with consumers.

Looking forward, OnePlus maintains its commitment to product excellence with a focus on fast and smooth experiences, advanced camera technologies, and AI-optimized software. Beyond technology, OnePlus acknowledges its impact, emphasizing diversity, and sustainability. The company is actively pursuing green and low-carbon operations, and promoting hardware and software longevity to reduce electronic waste.

The company is launching exciting programs, inviting users to participate in the festivities to celebrate the decade-long journey, reports Yahoo Finance. A short film, capturing the spirit of “Never Settle,” will be released on December 15. From December 9 to 15, OnePlus will reportedly unveil new tech products daily.

OnePlus celebrating its decade-long journey

Pete Lau shared an exclusive detail about the OnePlus 12, the brand’s upcoming flagship. The device will feature a special packaging box with a thank-you list printed on it, expressing gratitude to core community contributors. They played a vital role in OnePlus’ decade-long journey.

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As part of the anniversary celebrations, OnePlus has organized a series of events and promotions. It extends gratitude to its loyal users. The OnePlus 12, with heightened anticipation, promises to exceed all expectations, as Li Jie, the president of OnePlus China officially claimed the OnePlus 12 to be more capable than most of its flagship competitors.

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