Original Pixel Owners Can Now Submit Claims For The Settlement

Google’s Pixel class-action lawsuit eventually led to a settlement, and now owners of the first Google Pixel phone will be able to submit claims for that settlement if they wish to get any of the money that’s being offered.

Submitting a claim is the only way for consumers who purchased the Google Pixel to get any money. Of course, there are prerequisites to be met before any money will actually be sent out, and not everyone is going to meet those requirements. The silver lining perhaps is that any Pixel owner is potentially entitled to $20, and if they had issues relating to the mic which caused them to ask for a replacement, they could get up to $500.


To submit a claim consumers who fit within the perimeters will need to fill out the claim forms by the deadline time frame. The cutoff date for this is October 7 of this year, so anyone who wishes to submit a claim has plenty of time to do so. Once that date passes, you are essentially waiving your rights to any money.

Also worth noting, is that accepting the money by way of submitting a claim to receive it, you’re waiving your right to bring any more lawsuits forward with Google. If you don’t fill out a form at all, you will also waive your rights to bring forward any future lawsuits, so to keep that right but not get money you will need to fill out the form and opt to exclude yourself from receiving payment.


Since this is in reference to first-generation Pixel phones, consumers have to have purchased the phones before January 4 of 2017, and the purchases had to be for brand-new phones, not bought second-hand from an individual. Even if you did buy your Pixel or Pixel XL before January 4, if you received a replacement for the device that was manufactured after January 3 of the same year, then your Pixel is not eligible for any payments as these versions of the phones had fixed the problem.

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You also have to be a consumer who is a resident of the United States, and you aren’t allowed to submit a claim or receive any payment if you’re a Google employee, or if you’re related to the judge presiding over the case or the lawyers working on it.


Submitting a claim for the Pixel settlement can be done by going to the Weeks v. Google LLC page for submitting the form. Some consumers may have gotten emails stating their claim ID and PIN code, and this is how those consumers can log into the form and complete it before submitting. If you don’t have a claim ID or PIN code you can still submit a claim form without one as the page does have this option.

One thing for people keep in mind is that any person who submits a $20 claim will only get $20 if there are less than a certain number of people who submit this particular claim. Much like with the Equifax settlement, there is a set amount of money that’s been put aside to pay people who are part of the settlement, and if too many people submit claims the money will be prorated down to be an equal number for all involved.


People submitting claims for the larger amounts of money, which is $350 if you had the mic or speaker issues on one Pixel device and $500 if you had it on multiple devices, will need to provide documentation that proves their device makes them eligible.

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