OUKITEL WP2 Durability-Tested Using Hammer, Katana & More

The OUKITEL WP2 is OUKITEL’s new rugged smartphone, and in order to show consumers how tough it is, the company has released a new video in YouTube in which it submitted the OUKITEL WP2 to various tests. The provided video has a duration of over seven minutes, so quite a few tests are included in it. The video itself is embedded down below for your convenience.

The first test the company submitted the OUKITEL WP2 to is a drop test, and in this case, the company decided to drop it in a small stream which has a bunch of rocks in it. The phone got dropped from various heights, including 1.5m, 2m, and 2.5m, and it continued working normally afterwards. The second test includes a bunch of stairs, concrete stairs, and the phone survived several drops without an issue. The company also decided to drop the phone from various heights onto a concrete floor, and the phone did really well in those tests as well. Now, following all these drop tests, OUKITEL decided to show you that the OUKITEL WP2 can also be used as a hammer if need be, though it is recommended that you do not do that at home, of course, as the OUKITEL WP2 is not a hammer replacement or anything of the sort.

In the following tests, OUKITEL decided to hit the OUKITEL WP2’s display with both a rubber hammer, and a real hammer, and then the company’s employee grabbed a knife which was also used to demonstrate the phone’s ruggedness. The last test the company shows in the video includes what seems to be a Japanese katana sword, and the phone managed to survive that as well. In addition to submitting the phone to various durability tests, OUKITEL also announced that the device will be available in two colors, black with gold and black with tarnish decorations, and the phone will become available for pre-order on September 24. GearBest will be the very first site that will sell the OUKITEL WP2, and in case you forgot, the phone comes with a huge 10,000mAh battery, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

OUKITEL WP2 Durability-Tested Using Hammer, Katana & More

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