OUKITEL WP2 Submitted To Battery Test In New Promo Video

In order to promote one of its newest smartphones, the OUKITEL WP2, the company has released a battery test in form of a YouTube video. That video has a duration of about six minutes, and it is embedded down below. The OUKITEL WP2 comes with a huge 10,000mAh battery, which is not removable, and in combination with the rest of its components, this phone is quite capable when it comes to providing long-running time before the battery dies.

OUKITEL began this battery test by playing fullHD video on the phone for one hour and 45 minutes. After that time, the phone’s battery level dropped 9-percent, which means that it stood at 91-percent. Torch test followed, the company powered on the phone’s flashlight and let it sit in that state for one hour and 30 minutes, after which the phone’s battery dropped to 89-percent, it lost only 2-percent of battery charge. Playing music for one hour decreased the phone’s battery by 6-percent, it had 83-percent of battery left at that point. One hour of talking to someone online drained the phone’s battery by 7-percent, and the OUKITEL WP2 had 76-percent of charge left. Reading an e-book for an hour and 30 minutes drained the OUKITEL WP2’s battery by 11-percent, it had 65-percent left after that.

Next test that the company submitted the OUKITEL WP2 to is an online video call for one hour, which took 13-percent of battery charge from the phone, and it lowered it to 52-percent. Playing a video game for 1 hours claimed 11-percent of battery life, and the OUKITEL WP2 still had 41-percent of battery charge left. When you add all of this up, you’ll notice that the phone was running for eight hours and 45 minutes at that point, and it still had 41-percent of battery left. The OUKITEL WP2 is still not available for purchase, but it will become available later this month. The phone will be priced at $259.99 once it becomes available, while OUKITEL is still accepting subscriptions for the OUKITEL WP2 sale, while you’ll also have a chance to win an OUKITEL WP2 unit if you subscribe. Visit the link provided down below for more information.

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OUKITEL WP2 sale subscription

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