73260 Pixel 4a Eclipse Live Wallpaper Isn't Quite So Exclusive Anymore

Pixel 4a Eclipse Live Wallpaper Isn’t Quite So Exclusive Anymore

Thanks to XDA Developers Recognized Developer Pranav Pandey, it’s now possible to get the Pixel 4a ‘Eclipse’ live wallpaper on any Android device.

Now, Pixel 4a comes with some pretty good wallpapers already. But the Eclipse wallpaper in question is a unique minimal design that goes from a purple- or blue-to-black gradient. The colored portion of the gradient flows upward, slowly filling the entire display. But it doesn’t do that randomly, it fills the screen based on how full the battery is.

So, for users with Dark Mode enabled on Pixel 4a, the screen fills with purple as battery decreases. Without the darker theme enabled, that takes a blue tint instead.


Pulley is yet another Pixel live wallpaper that could go live soon

Mr. Pandey discovered two other live wallpapers in the works that aren’t quite finished yet as well. That means that there are some screenshots — embedded below. And that those give a general idea of the overall theme. But they aren’t ready for downloading just yet. At least not in their final “live” form.

In terms of design, those wallpapers feature wavy lines and circles and the designation “Pulley.”

Each of the new wallpapers, including still captures of the Pulley design, is available for download over at XDA Developers. Users don’t necessarily need to download Google’s Wallpaper app to get them either. Although the app is highly-recommendable due to its ease-of-use and pristine available backgrounds.


This is still aftermarket, so there are still some caveats

None of that is to say there aren’t some caveats though.

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To begin with, devices that are older than Android 7.0 won’t necessarily work with these wallpapers. While that should be limited to a very small percentage of users, it’s worth noting. There are also differences between Android 7.0 and Android 8.1 or newer. So System UI color won’t change to match the live wallpapers on devices that are supported. That is unless users download the version for Android 8.1 or newer.

The APK also disables Ambient Mode by default so there’s no guarantee the wallpapers will work with an Always-On display. But, barring that, there also aren’t any special arm dependencies to speak of. So this version of the Pixel 4a Eclipse wallpaper set should work on just about any Android device.


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