Play Volleyball With Guns In This Upcoming Co-Op Stadia Game

If you’ve ever wanted to play volleyball with guns soon you can in this upcoming co-op game on Stadia.

It’s called Gunsport, and it’s a 2v2 volleyball game coming to Stadia “this year” where you shoot the ball (literally) to hit it back to the other side of the net. Gunsport gives off a retro-style SNES vibe thanks to the graphics, and is sure to foster some friendly competition between players.

In fact the game was designed that way. In addition to Gunsport, Stadia will also be getting one more co-op game in the near future called Just Shapes & Beats.


Is a co-op volleyball game on Stadia just what the platform needs?

No. Probably not just what Stadia needs. What Stadia does need though is more games in general. And that’s what Gunsport is bringing to the table.

For one it’s an indie game. Indie games can be quite good. If not highly undervalued. They’re sometimes like hidden gems if you will. Gunsport is also co-op. And that means more people playing together.

Which is a good thing. Games are very enjoyable when played with friends and family. They can also foster some strong relationships and bring people together. So while Stadia does need more than just smaller indie titles, it needs those too.


With the nature of the viral outbreak causing delays of some of this year’s biggest games, anything new on Stadia is better than nothing at all.

Just Shapes & beats is an EDM/chiptune-filled shoot ’em up fever dream

The other co-op game coming to Stadia this year is Just Shapes & Beats. A co-op shoot ’em up that mixes in various tracks of EDM and chiptune.

It allows you to play solo or with up to four friends. It also supports local co-op, but if you don’t have any friends in your area to play with you can still team up with others online.


If you’re not into EDM or chiptune music, then you may find that aspect of the game lacking. Music choices aside though the game looks to offer fun and excitement.

As with some of the other games that have been announced as coming to Stadia this year but have yet to release, neither of these new titles has a specific launch date yet. Since these are indie titles users shouldn’t expect them to cost $60.

In fact it’s more likely they’ll end up costing around $30 or less.

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